“Rebecca, your passion, commitment, dedication, and guidance  in this journey has been so immense and unmatched. I would not have progressed with this book without your support. The Saturday evening sessions with you were such a blessing and, in some cases, so emotional that we had to take time out. You helped me dig into my soul. Thank you, Rebecca. I am indebted to you.” 

– Mizinga Melu, CEO of Absa Bank; Forbes CNBC Africa Business Woman of the Year

Mizinga Melu

Mizinga Melu, Bestselling Author of Braving the Odds

“It has been nothing but joyful to work with Rebecca and Antonio. I feel so fortunate that fate/god/whatever, steered me to you. You have a special gift and you are using it beautifully.  I can’t imagine a better experience all around. Thank you from the bottom (and top) of my heart.” 

– Deborah Mourey, VP Jenna Marbles Inc and Mourey Consulting

Debbie Mourey 2020 (6)

Deborah Mourey, Author of An Authentic Human’s Guide to Finding Meaningful Work

“There were three editors I looked at as potential partners for a memoir manuscript I’d labored over for years, but Rebecca soon became the obvious and enthusiastic choice. It was hugely gratifying to hear that she GOT IT! I was actually astonished—it was like she could read my mind. Rebecca was the perfect person to entrust. Her deft touch, attention, and collaboration with this first-time author gave me confidence in the process. Rebecca truly is a master of her craft and I will be forever thankful for this experience working with her. The process has been life changing!”

– Eric Neil Pitsenbarger

Eric Neil Pitsenbarger, Author of Beaujolais in my Blood

Eric Neil Pitsenbarger, Author of Beaujolais in my Blood

“I refer to Rebecca as my book midwife. I had been working on a draft in fits and starts for nearly eight years prior to meeting her. In the course of six short, focused, productive and tiring months I found myself with a completed draft ready for submissions. Rebecca provided direction when and where I got stuck and feedback to clarify and refine the quality and cohesiveness of my voice and my overall message. In short, not unlike the midwife who helped me birth my two small children, I could not have completed my memoir without her insightful and nurturing wisdom and perspective.”

– Micah Stover, Micah Stover Coaching and Consulting


Micah Stover, Micah Stover Coaching & Consulting

“I could never have gotten this book across the finish line without the patient guidance and support of Rebecca. I felt an instant rapport with her and was so grateful that she fully understood my story of transformation from the very beginning. Her expertise was invaluable in helping me stitch my story together and refine the key messages. I highly recommend Rebecca to anyone looking for an editor.”

– Shannon Ansbaugh

Shannon Ansbaugh, Author of The Bucket List Safari

“I use Rebecca for all my editing needs and have already referred several friends to her because the quality of her work is simply exceptional. I’ve used other editors in the past and nobody came close to the level of service she provides. You can see the dedication she has for her craft when you read through the review; Rebecca doesn’t simply focus on the grammatical aspect but also dives deep into flow and readability. When I need an exceptional editor, Rebecca is the first person that comes to mind.” 

– Michael McCoy

Michael McCoy, Owner/Photographer at MP Studios Tampa

Michael McCoy, Owner/Photographer at MP Studios Tampa

Rebecca transformed my book from a hodge podge of disjointed blog posts and podcast interviews into something I was proud to publish. I repeatedly experienced consistent, meticulous, high quality care through her edits. She cares deeply about her work, and it shows.” 

– Karen Rowe

Karen Rowe

Karen Rowe, Author of Behind the Cover: A Ghostwriter’s Guide to Authoring Your Own Business Book

“Working with Rebecca and her team at Duende Press was a supportive and generative experience.  Her insight and advice helped shape and complete my work. Almost from the first I trusted her experience and when I didn’t understand or concur with her view, there was no difficulty in resolving the matter. Best of all, I learned to appreciate my work through new eyes so that repeated editing and revision felt refreshing.  I would heartily recommend using Rebecca’s ability in content editing and proofing any text and I look forward to using her team in the future.”  

 – Jeffrey Levy

Jeffrey Levy, Author of Purpose, Focus, Practice

“Rebecca is so fun and easy to work with! She gave me an outline for my book for me to customize according to my own message. It really helped keep me on track, and develop my ideas in ways that would be readable and marketable. She had great editing suggestions. I highly recommend her.” 

– Marina Ormes, Astrology Heals

marina ormes astrology heals

Marina Ormes, Evolutionary Astrologer, Author of Astrology Heals