If you purchase the Duende Press Platinum Package, your book will be professionally edited by our magnificent editorial team as part of our signature service.

However, maybe you already have a written manuscript and you just need help getting it ready for publication (with our press or with your own).

Not sure what your manuscript needs?

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No matter what stage you’re at in the editing process, we can help take your manuscript to the next level. Here is a list of editing services we provide at an hourly or customized package rate:

Developmental Editing Your manuscript typically enters this stage after your first or second draft. It offers a deep review of organizational structure, style, and consistency of voice. At this stage, the author collaborates closely with the developmental editor; while the editor offers his or her expertise and perspective as to how to make the best book possible, it is ultimately up to the author to decide the direction his or her book takes. At Duende Press, this process begins with a thorough examination of the author’s goals, target audience, vision, and voice to make sure the editor and author are in alignment.

Copy Editing  After your manuscript has been edited for structure, style, and consistency (which may take multiple rounds of back and forth between you and your developmental editor), your manuscript is ready for a copyedit. We offer this stage of editing for those who have worked with our developmental editor or their own. This edit offers a more focused look at typos, misspellings, and grammatical errors.

Proofreading — This is the final editing stage of a manuscript, which can be conducted either before or after design. The proofreader arrives at the final step before the book is published and acts as a quality control measure. After having read your manuscript multiple times, both you and your developmental or copy editor are likely to have missed minor mistakes as a result of tricks of the eye or mind. At Duende Press, we suggest having a fresh pair of eyes review your manuscript one last time helps avoid errors that the keen reader’s eyes are bound to notice.

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