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We believe everyone's life has a story worth telling. We want to help you write yours. 

What exactly is a memoir? A memoir is a story about your life—but not in its entirety. Unlike autobiography, which typically details a person's life in chronological order, memoir takes a more artistic approach. Memoir picks and chooses the characters and events of your life that support your key message—your inner "why" for writing a book—the story you feel called to write.

Duende Press specializes in ghostwriting and editing memoir because we believe personal story has the power to transform lives—not only the lives of readers, but your life. We are experts at guiding our clients through the difficult, vulnerable conversations that writing a good memoir requires. We are empathic and intuitive and not afraid to go deep. At the same time, we are 100% committed to telling the story you want to tell, in your voice.

We do the writing, editing, and design. You collect the royalties, receive the credibility, and leave the legacy. 


“Rebecca, your passion, dedication, and guidance in this journey has been so immense and unmatched. I would not have progressed with this book without your support. The Saturday evening sessions with you were such a blessing and, in some cases, so emotional that we had to take time out. You helped me dig into my soul.”
Mizinga Melu, Forbes CNBC Africa Business Woman of the Year
“My project flourished under Rebecca's gentle but firm touch. She believed in me and my book, before even I did. I hope every author gets an editor as talented as her. I can't imagine a better experience all around.”
Deborah Mourey, VP Jenna Marbles, Inc
“This is fantastic! You did a great job, and I am truly honored. Kind of a first for me to have someone get it right. Bravo!”
Curtis Salgado, Legendary Soul and R&B Artist
“Rebecca did a fantastic job of putting my ideas together in a story that made me shiver with excitement and goosebumps as I read it. I couldn't have done a better job (or even close to as good) if I'd written it myself.”
Andrew Sutton, World Champion Dancer & DanceNinjas.com Founder

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