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“This is fantastic! You did a great job, and I am truly honored. Kind of a first for me to have someone get it right.                          Bravo!”
Curtis Salgado, Legendary Soul, Blues and R&B Artist
“Wow! I hardly recognize myself, and yet I do. You are a brilliant writer and have a great style and flow. I could never make myself sound that great.”
Anna Takkula
“Rebecca did a fantastic job of putting my ideas together in a story that made me shiver with excitement and goosebumps as I read it. I couldn't have done a better job (or even close to as good) if I'd written it myself.”
Andrew Sutton, World Champion Dancer & DanceNinjas.com Founder
“I love it. You have a rare gift and have made that year of my life come alive on the pages. I cried.”
Jana Rachels

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